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Oil pump pictures!

I had some spare time tonight to get in and look at the oil pump. It seems to me that it has some signs of wear, but I don't think it's to the point of affecting it's function. The surface feels considerably smooth. I think the photos make it look more scratched that it actually is. It feels completely smooth to the touch. Rotating the gear also seems to be extremely smooth. It doesn't feel like it catches or hangs unequally at any point.

I think it's fine to use, but I'd love some second opinions. Is this considered scoring? Or would this be borderline? This seems to be in just as good, if not better condition than all the oil pump images on ebay.

The Clymer manual states: "Visually inspect all parts for obvious wear or damage. Component specifications are not available for the oil pump."

(Inadvertent middle finger!)

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to completely get the gasket off in perfect condition. So, I'll have to wait until I pick this gasket up before I can re-re-assemble the right side cover. Fortunately, I think it will go pretty quickly. I'm getting a lot more familiar with this engine.

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