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The 62 is pretty sweet. Mine was stolen and now I have an Oregon. I gotta say, I prefer the 62 for a couple reasons:
- The touch-screen on the Oregon, Montana, etc. is nearly impossible to use w/heavy gloves. Even with my burly ice climbing gloves, I could hit the buttons on the 62 with relative ease.
- The matte plastic touch screen is really tough to read when it's dimmed (much unlike the 62 series, which has a glass screen that looks great and is less affected by glare when the backlight isn't activated)

However, the bigger screen on the touch screen models is really handy sometimes - especially when mounted to handlebars or the like. They also have other cool optional features like a built-in camera, blah blah...

The 78s are cool, too. Great for marine use. They float! That's a nice feature. They are pretty huge, though.

Really, it's a matter of preference. They're all great. Play with them all in the store and see which one you like best. The 78s are cool, but come with different maps, i think...I don't know much about em.

My preference lies in the 62. I think it can't be beat.
(I use my unit for hiking, skiing, motorcycling, sailing on some little lakes, and hunting)
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