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Originally Posted by Assfault View Post
I really don't see riders tearing apart there engines and doing a 450/690 swap as some have mentioned earlier in this thread. Like riding to a race and them switching.
It entails splitting the cases to change the crank and rod. I don't see that happening from a privateer in a bivouac. I could see and additional engine being used though and switching a complete unit.
Now where to find another engine???
Hi Assfault! - that's exactly right... as I said in post #35 (maybe I wasn't clear) - a whole new rod and crank will be part of the 450cc 'kit', so if anyone wants the option to swap back and forth between 450 and 690, sourcing a second engine and building that into a 450 would be the way to do it.

Then it is just a matter of swapping the complete engines over and reprogramming the ECU (or having as second ECU too) - which is what I meant by a couple of hours work? - and I'm not suggesting you'd want to do that in the bivouac or anything, rather than back home/workshop before you leave for the event.

It's relatively easy to source a secondhand engine these days now the 690 has been in production a few years - the SMC/Duke and Enduros all share basically the same engine.

However, the real point of this exercise (other than to make the engine Dakar eligible of course) is to create a large oil capacity/low maintenance 450cc engine, that just happens to fit exactly into a great adventure bike chassis, which in turn is also a rather handy rally-bike chassis!

Of course the 450cc version won't have anything like the same power as the 690cc version, but it will be more than capable of being ridden just the same distances as a regular 690 - which is one of the reasons we want to prove it in Dakar - and once the 450 kit is installed in our race bike/s, I shall be riding them the whole time in 450cc guise to test/prove the longevity.

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