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These all happened in 1 week time after I just upgraded from a 125cc to a 800cc..

198. 6yo daughter sits on the motorcycle while I push it towards the garage. Take a sharp left turn and go from the sidewalk onto the street, lose balance because I don't let it lean towards me but keep it upright.. and have it slowly fall over to the right.. passed the tipping point, only thing I could do was telling her to watch out while I try to hang on so it falls gently..

199. take a left hand turn corner too fast in heavy rain, not being able to brake in time.. so decide to go straight to be able to keep braking more.. only turning at the very last moment but still hitting the curb and dropping anyway.

and a near-fall, just was able to keep it: too sleepy on my commute to work in the morning and not paying attention, took a right-hand turn into a street in 3rd gear instead of 1st.. I brake a lot to see if the adjacent bicycle path is clear, engine stalls and rearwheel locks up. Saved it by quickly grabbing cluth and keeping it in balance, was a what happened moment and woke me up..
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