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Originally Posted by DirtyDog View Post
We aren't gonna turn this into an oil or filter debate, but your paranoia regarding oil filters is odd to me. I suggested Hi-Flo due to the price point (half or less of OEM).

Let's not kid ourselves about the tolerance levels and high performance specs of this motor from 1980's vintage technology. A KLR would probably run for years with a wadded up shop rag jammed in there instead of an oil filter.
My day job is with a large auto manufacturer, and I am in the engineering team that sees the results of aftermarket oil filters that can't handle the job. So it's not paranoia, it's actual personal experience in an engineering environment. The KLR may well be an older design, but my statement still stands. I want a filter the manufacturer has signed off on being able to complete the tasks they expect it to. And agreed let's not hijack this thread, the OP's doing a great job of documenting a rebuild.
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