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These questions are for the people who have gone up to a 46 tooth rear sprocket.

Did your overall top speed decrease?

What is riding on the freeway like now? The dirt?

Are 1st and 2nd gears even shorter now?

Sorry for all the questions, but I am contemplating putting a 46t sprocket on my bike and I don't want to regret it. Thanks for any replies.

Not sure if this helps:

I run a 48 tooth rear and 13 tooth front. According to my GPS I deduct 14.4% from the bike reading to get a true road speed/distance. At 100km/h indicated I am doing about 84km/h. (About 60mph gives about 51 mph)

Most of my riding is off road so this isnt an issue - when I am on the open road I have to be sitting on about 117km/h to be doing 100km/h. Result is that I am aware that I am running that much higher in revs. As far as 1st and 2nd gear is concerned I find that the gearing suits me fine in the hills that I ride in. Yes - they will be shorter - I think 2nd now is probably closer to first with standard gearing just based on feel.

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