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Here you see a picture of our first night camping next to the “autobahn”. When we departed we tossed a coin whether or not we should take our chairs with beer-holder with us. Now we were very happy with the outcome.

Since the start of our journey, even before that there was some annoying noise at the back of my motorcycle. I wanted to know what it was and therefore we agreed to spend the night in Dresden to go to a motorgarage. Actually we also wanted to see the finals of the European Championship. An easy win of the Italians, a worn bearing in the cardan and a F expensive hotel was the outcome of our visit to Dresden.

So we bought a new bearing in the local BMW-dealer and where on our way to Poland and wanted to install the bearing over there to lower the costs :) When we crossed the border our thoughts of Poland totally changed. I do not want to say that we thought there was a dingy atmosphere and residents who still bear the consequences of the Soviet era. No, but we also didn’t expect this at the border :)

This evening we made camp next to a lake where we drank our first of the many vodkas that would follow. And this one was actually very good Zubrowka with bison grass.

There were three thing we wanted to do in Poland: Visiting the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, Riding offroad in the lake district Bielsko-Biała and installing the bearing in my cardan.

The off-road section in the lakes around Bielsko-Biała was a relief after the many highway kilometers we had passed since Belgium. We could drive kilometers on unpaved roads far away from any human activity.




A strange thing were the wooden open churches hidden in the woods. Our curiosity is aroused and in the next village we do some inquiries. This region, also called Lesser Poland,is very famous for its wooden Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches, which perfectly fit into their natural surroundings. Some of these churches are several hundred years old and were built by simple, devout carpenters.


When we were resting in a cafe that afternoon we met some Polish builders (later they told us they were ex-cons). They invited us to go at there place to put our tents up and have a drink with them. The result of this evening is a terrible headache and a broken tent-pole. Especially the last thing is FU for the rest of our journey.

After the poignant visit of Auschwitz-Birkenau and a night in the mountains around Rzeszów, I want to mount my new bearing. When we arrived at the garage the man, along with a dozen other helping hands, put his work aside and immediately start to work at my motor. Two hours later and 70 euros poorer we continue our way to the border with Ukraine.
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