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Originally Posted by GHbuck View Post
Tried the DE for about a month now - birth year Gillette Super Speed, Wilkinson blades. I do the pre-shave oil, brush on the cream, etc. Although I've come close, I haven't hacked myself up yet, but am getting a lot of razor burn. I feel like one little slip and I'll be bleeding all over. Last week I used a Mach 3 throwaway (with Edge Gel) that my wife had which was probably 4 months old, and I got just as good of a shave as the DE, and no drama.

I'm thinking there's good reason the DE's have pretty much gone by the way. YMMV.
Whatever you do, don't keep putting new blades in it.

I'm somewhere around shave 30 with my current blade, and haven't cut myself in quite a while with it.

The goal is not to have a clean shave after a single pass, so don't even try.

Shave oil under a good shave soap is good. I use Prorasso pre-shave for a few minutes first, then apply 3 drops of shave oil and then the lather.

You may be using either too sharp a blade, too, or the razor you bought is too aggressive (there is a reason so many suggest starting out with the 34C - you chose to ignore that).
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