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Went over to the dock this morning and the El Pipe was just pulling in to the dock. I jumped on board and used the baling wire and tape I bought yesterday to secure the broken front forks to the axle so the bike would roll. Wheeled it over the side of the boat with the help of the marinos on board and pushed it down the street a few blocks to the Residencia Florida.

Here is a shot of the Sherpa sitting on the street below the balcony I am typing this on:

and a shot of the sign you look for across from the park if you ever find yourself in Turbo in need of an economical place to stay:

I am sweating like a pig. It is 80 and humid and I need to find a truck to get the bike to Medellin. Trespalacios has kindly offered up a place in a parking garage over at his Dad's. I have a map and a phone number which he sent as well. Three cheers for Señor threepalaces.

I look forward to hanging out in a garage in Medellin and hopefully grafting on a new front end and wheel with crowd sourced help. It should be fun.

more later……
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