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While I don't subscribe to Mambo Dave's theory of keeping the same blade, he is absolutely correct about the prep work. With the correct prep work and the right technique, you should be able to obtain as good if not better results as any other razor whether multi blade or not.

Blade choice is a huge thing when starting too, and while nobody can say what will and wont work for you, you should get online and get some sample packs. IMHO wilkinson's are trash, I wouldn't give one to my worst enemy to shave his gooch with.

Try different soaps and pre-shave jobbers too, Proraso is popular, but there are some people who cant use it, the saying is YMMV for a lot of stuff in the wet shaving world for a reason.

edit: there are forums for this stuff too obviously, with the biggest advantage being, if you don't like a product, hock it on somebody who does.

There is also a guy online who exclusively sells Samples of products, so you can find things you like without spending alot.
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