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Originally Posted by bastardbiker View Post
...So I drained the carb, opened her up, cleaned everything out with can of spray cleaner pretty thoroughly. Put everything back together and it fired up but wouldn't rev very high...
+1 on Guys advice, you're going to need to go deeper and really get it clean. not surprised with the years vs miles on that thing.

on the disintegrated filter, it could just be original and past it's date or sometimes people use cleaners that don't play well with their filter. If you use no-toil cleaner for instance, stick with their brand of filter too or some will get crumbly like that.

oh it can be frustrating all right.. last week I drained my stock tank and put on a bigger aftermarket one and new petcock. Simple right? After some minor clearance issues with the non-stock pumper carb finally got it all worked out, bolted on and plumbed to carb. Used a different gas can - apparently old lawn mower gas from last summer. Hard to start and I could barely keep it running. Spent a couple hours checking and blaming everything under the sun before finally guessing right.
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