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Originally Posted by WindSailor View Post

I don't know why that is; I'll go on a ride that makes a slow right hand track and it will have more left hand turns than right.

I've got a buddy who gets their 'fast' group together on rides and someone always needs a new tire. Could it be that they also tap -value deleted- on the straights... it must be very hot on those rides - nobody would ever break the speed limit
2 things contribute to the LH wear, lefts ALWAYS have a longer radius than rights, plus visibility on lefts is better, so you are leaning longer, because of the radius, and carrying more speed, or accelerating more because of the visibility.

I rarely accelerate on the straights, and many times actually slow down. I am a slow in fast out guy in the twistys, so I am almost always on the gas when leaned over, and my tires play the price for my fun.
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