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Oil Draining Issue!

So, after the arrival of my beautiful, all be it deprieved and left in a garage for 22 years, Honda CJ250, all has been peachy.

I've cleaned the inside of the tank (and spent 3 hours hand picking out bb pellets after not realising the hole had a lip inside it), changed the air filter, and finally wanted to change the oil before starting her up.


The oil drain plug is so corroded on, love nor money will ever get it off it seems. I've tried every type of physical force possible, and while I've read that a blow torch around the edge usually helps, I'm loath to start burning things upside down, especially considering the amount of various liubricants etc I've already sprayed around there. Therefore, do any of you fine ladies and gents know any other way of draining oil, or for that matter removing 30 years of neglected plugs?
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