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Originally Posted by Fuzzy Wrench View Post
oldtrucks, just curious what led you to suspect the relay seems all the things that don't work are all on the same fuse: 10A signal feeds all that you listed, even the power to the start relay and the console...I would recheck that fuse and the associated wiring (the brown wire) which goes to everything you lost...
I believe he checked the fuses, (#55 being the signal fuse) pg 8-67&68 of the tech man. We were looking at the next possibility which is the Starter cutoff relay which has current sensitive diodes in it. When he was checking for a place to tap for a switched line near his headlight he had the ignition on and shorted across to connectors. So if the fuse is good the next point to check is #11 on schematic the Starter cutoff relay(16 wired main relay behind the battery), which is one of 3-4 relays that have diodes in them.

Originally Posted by Attico View Post
I believe there is a fuse in the headlight shroud. I've been meaning to go poking around so i know where to look should i have any issues, but haven't done it yet. Maybe someone can chime in...
No fuse in headlight shroud. Only the main fuse 30A is by the starter relay. The rest of the fuses are in the fuse box below leftside of gas tank behind the tank shroud.
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