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Originally Posted by ROAD DAMAGE View Post
Yo Sean,

Shouldn't you be working?

We've got a week of company coming in today (i'm at home vacuuming!......sorta ) . After the dust settles I'll do a quick check and let you know what I've got. I think I'll have 4 or 5 choices from TKCs to Tourances.

This is going to be tubed, correct? I've got a couple of tires that have scuffed up sidewalls that will be fine for tubed tires .......... but not so hot for tubeless.

I'll be in touch. Howdy to the Missus and "Kitty"! BTW, How did the new place do during the cold snap we had?


Cool man! I'm in no hurry, so I'll just plan on swinging up by you sometime to grab it and buy you some BBQ. I'll have to look at the rim, not sure if it's tube or tubeless. I kind of think it might be tubeless? I'll have to check when I get back home later this week.

Everything is great on this end, amigo. We'll chat soon.
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