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Originally Posted by Fantastic Mister Fox View Post
Hi Guys I joined just under a year ago, However never really been that active on this and the thread I made when I introduced my self has all but dissapeared. So I thought I'd do it again and try and stick around this time.

Anyway that's me on the left with Fantastic Mrs Fox on the right and in April we're leaving Bristol to ride the world, and dispite all the advice that was given against it when I first posted on this forum we're using CCM SR40 motorcycles.

They have been adventure prepared by Gabe at Zen Overland who has made totally custom luggage racks and protection for exposed parts as well as supplying fanatastic after market parts.

Anyway when we get on the road we'll post up dates etc but in the mean time our blog etc is on
That Gabe...he's a nutter...along with that crazy little woman he's married to. Tell them I said hi.
"Just sharing this quiet time is intimate, our tent, our bikes and our faces illuminated by yellow light from the fire. This is why we travel. To experience those rare moments of perfection of solitude of life."
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