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I hope you don't get bit by the electrical gremlins that my 11 GTI was plagued with. I purchased it new off of the lot and all was fine until it hit 50k highway miles.

While sitting in a subway parking lot eating lunch one day - the car quit running. It wouldn't restart - or anything. I ended up hauling it to the dealer. They couldn't replicate the problem until they started it up one morning to perform an oil change on it and it quit.

Three months later (after my VW dealer and VW Germany burned the transatlantic lines) I got my car back with a new fuel tank, sender, pump, lines and computer. VW just replaced the whole thing. I traded it in on a jeep about a month later.

Volkswagen makes nice cars but just be aware that all of the fancy gadgetry has its issues. I wish you better luck.
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