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'81 R100 questions from a new member

Firstly hello everyone,

I'm a long time rider and motorcycle wrencher from the UK. I've just bought my first BMW, a 1981 R100. She's in great, well ridden condition with an RS fairing retro-fitted.

For now I have a couple of questions that I haven't been able to find the answers to.

Firstly, as I've found is common, she has lost her center stand. Being a metal fabricator I was hoping to fab one up but wondered if anyone could give me some dimensions. Distance between the holes, overall height, the difference between the width top and bottom and the diameter of pipe used would be the most useful. I fancy I can make some improvements along the way too but If not I'll take the plunge and buy one.

Secondly can anyone tell me is the older style dual seat (the chunkier one with chrome grab rail from the 70's /7 models) will fit in place of the standard 80's seat used on the R100 and RS/RT models without modification?

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!
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