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Day two started with 30km long, twisty and beautiful, tarmac section, from Novi Travnik to Bugojno. Day ends in Sarajevo. There are two standard roads between Travnik and Sarajevo, each about 90km long and jammed with traffic. My planned route will take me long way 'round, 330km of mostly offroad

After Bugojno I leave pavement and find myself on perfect gravel road. White as snow, smooth as silk. Road follows stream with crystal clear water.

Plan is to climb to the top of Radusa mountain. Turnoff to Radusa is blocked by gate, surrounded by "beware of MINES" signs. Not really a great place to start trespassing My planned alternative involved 10-15km backtrack and then 30km tarmac ride. But, as luck would have it, there was one road that wasn't gated and in no time I was moving again. It was soon obvious that this road is taking me in desired direction. All that time spent planning and in the end it's down to improvisation

I rejoin with planned alternative route exactly at the spot where tarmac ends. Can't be any better than that. Behind the trees there is a nice lake, it's hot outside and quick dip would be great. Unfortunately I don't have enough time...

Another photo break at roadside quarry. Whole hill, possibly whole mountain, is made from white gravel. I have never seen anything like that. That gave some clue behind snow-white road.

During the war this area was scene of heavy fighting. Villages were thorughly "cleaned" of previous occupants and destroyed. Air is filled with haze from distant forest fires.

Explosive beauty...It was like this for 15-20 kilometers, signs everywhere and nature so beautiful and unspoiled. Pissing in the middle of the road, no risk involved

Before to long I rejoin with original route and find myself back on pavement. One minute later I'm on gravel again. Soooo proud of route planing right now For some reason I didn't enjoy this next section. Loose fist-sized gravel and loaded bike don't go well together.

Ramsko lake looks beautiful from distance.

Then, in middle of nowhere I come across a stretch of badly poured, concrete slab road. Soon concrete was gone and it was back to tarmac again. I never understood those short, paved sections of road surrounded bay gravel on both sides. And I've seen fair share of them...

Once again I find my self in civilization, this time it's perfect newly paved road. I was disappointed when I saw tarmac because this next section should be great gravel road. After few turns pavement ends and smile returned to my face. Road is now just as wide with gentle corners and great gravel. Turn by turn my confidence rises, right hand is doing it's magic with throttle... Two minutes in and I have this huge smile on my face, something like this guy 20km of motorcycling heaven... Pine tree forest and its smell. Not another soul in sight...

Your's truly :)

Road opens, speed goes up. Tank slapper at 80km/h instantly reminds me of how fragile human bodie is. Time to slow down to sightseeing speed And then I see it. Highlight of this day, 2200 m high Cvrsnica mountain on horizon. And I'm headed to the top...

To be continiued

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