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BMW R80ST technical questions on re-assembly

I am putting my ST back together after doing some "maintenance" and have a few questions.... I want to do a thread on the whole dis-assembly and re-assembly, which I will (eventually!), but for now I have some ho-um, somebody can certainly answer THIS type of questions.....

First question, there is not a gasket spec'd nor a part number for said gasket between the driveshaft and the final drive. When I dis-assembled, there WAS a gasket, and every other twin- or mon-shock I have ever done DID have a gasket. I can certainly re-assemble with Yamabond or some such, but wondered what y'all have done..... (I got parts from Max, and asked them, and they said that the fiches don't show a gasket, so there isn't one, .........but.......)

It would be a square-ish gasket with a big round hole in the middle, with four bolt holes for studs #2..... you know, the standard, every-airhead-final-drive gasket....
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