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How about something like a crf250l resprung for more weight?
That is on my short list for consideration, but I will probably only go with it if no good used WR250R's or Husky TE250/310's pop up between now and however long my patience holds out. Reviews are pretty universally good for it but also pretty vanilla -- they're all of the "First Ride" variety with no good head-to-head comparisons. All that said, I keep getting hung up on the fact that the 250L's weight is listed at 312lbs, which brings us back to larryboy's point:
At some point smaller isn't really smaller, it's just a smaller engine. Bikes in the 300 pound range like the DRZ and WRR would have me looking at XR650R's or TE610's at nearly the same weight and nearly twice the HP.
Then again, if you throw enough money at whatever machine you choose, you can build it to be what you "need," as apparently did with the 250L as reviewed here:

Decisions, decisions.

PS. No, Husky no longer makes the TE630.
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