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While the trials and tribulations of "why won't it spark today?.... it ran perfectly yesterday..." were going on, the seat was literally lashed down for the up- and down-the-street-we-go trials.

I talked to a couple of upholstery shops to find out how they could fasten the covers over what I had... and since I had used the original metal pan, I thought I had better do something to provide for staples, since drilling/riveting a cover would be sorta ridiculous, I thought.

So, being the boatbuilder/fiberglass/carpenter/wrench that I am, I came up with this brilliant idea:

I had already bonded the top and bottom of the metal seat with a slurry of epoxy and thickeners, so I cut some wood strips and loosely clamped them onto the edges with some thick epoxy (gotta love that Cabosil!) to fill the gaps, and then stapled the second row over that with some more epoxy/bonding, and then filled in the edges....

The seat cushion/foam was glued on with regular spray adhesive, btw.

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