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Originally Posted by Cyclops Motorsports View Post
I have them listed above the photos. The BD is the driving light
Thanks for the reply. I surely do not want to add to the tension that has taken place here in the last couple of pages of posts. I am hoping to get just a bit more reach out of my newest configuration mounted to my 950 Super Enduro. I am currently running a pair of Sanjohs model 60's, a Baja designs squadron in the spot (10degree) version, as well as the Baja Designs onx, also set up in the 10 degree spot. I am quite pleased with all of the lights except that I find a need for a bit more reach on the beams when I am traveling at Super Enduro warp speeds.

I was hoping to see a comparison between the dual optimus and a 10 degree squadron, I believe this comparison will give me a better feel for the actual differance of beam throw.

I have the in-close area covered nicely with the Sanjoe model 60's, which I use as my low beam light. I keep them at 40% of capacity with another vendors dimmer. All the lights come on to 100% with my high beam switch. AS stated, I need just a bit more length of light throw to find my happy spot. I hope to make my next light addition the perfect "icing on the cake.

Is there any chance you could do a comparison with the lights all being in the 10 degree versions, with the same number of lights for each brand used in the comparisons?
My current set-up

Thanks again
Here is a link to a thread on my set-up..
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