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Pulling into the hotel that a friend had recommended (7 hours later than I had planned) I took off my drenched riding gear and stumbled into the lobby-delirious from the heat and lack of food. The nice lady at the front desk promptly informed me that they were full. The perfect storm of multiple insurance conventions and hotels remodeling was taking place around me. I was crushed. The thought of putting all my gear back on and setting out to find a hotel seemed too daunting of a task.
I stumbled off to the corner of the lobby and weighed my options, dejected. In my exhaustion induced haze I looked across the lobby and noticed the hundreds of convention goers that had filled up my destination's amazingly inviting pool. They were cannon balling and can opener-ing just to spite me. I put my head in my hands.
Just then a guy from behind the desk asks me if I need any help. I look up and tell him I need a pool and a bed, or I'm going to die. He laughs and says "gimme a sec." He returns exactly one minute later and hands me a card with a room number and an address. Tells me that the hotel one block away has a room reserved for me, with his "hotel employee" rate. I smile, and move in to give the guy a friendly handshake and hug. He takes a half step back upon smelling me and settles for the handshake.

Better to be lucky than good.

I miss out on the day's people watching by the pool where my friends have a cabana rented for the day, but make up for it by going full throttle that evening, into the wee hours of the morning. Ahhh Vegas.
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