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Amen! Chris seems to be doing all he can do. As a CPR owner, the first thing I learned was to line it up correctly. If you don't, it has to be forced together. The materials used will last a lifetime if used correctly.

Doesn't aluminum transfer heat much better than plastic? Why have even hotter air going into your intake?
Very much so. We did extensive back to back temperature sensor testing originally with aluminum base plates vs injection molded plastic and a myriad of other composites and found the intake temperatures with aluminum to be as much higher as 50 deg or more F as aluminum is a natural heat soak. This was unacceptable and we found great results with the Super Tough Nylon second gen.

Almost all intakes these days are made from Nylon plastic for this exact reason and moving forward we found numerous reasons to use Nylon with the additional benefit of weight savings and a factory fit and finish. We will post a video in a few moments showing the proper technique to fit the filter. It is very simple when done correctly with just 2 fingers.
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