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Originally Posted by goroka View Post
Not sure if this helps:

I run a 48 tooth rear and 13 tooth front. According to my GPS I deduct 14.4% from the bike reading to get a true road speed/distance. At 100km/h indicated I am doing about 84km/h. (About 60mph gives about 51 mph)

Most of my riding is off road so this isnt an issue - when I am on the open road I have to be sitting on about 117km/h to be doing 100km/h. Result is that I am aware that I am running that much higher in revs. As far as 1st and 2nd gear is concerned I find that the gearing suits me fine in the hills that I ride in. Yes - they will be shorter - I think 2nd now is probably closer to first with standard gearing just based on feel.

Since I am only planning on going up to a 46t, do you think that my 2nd gear will be as low as yours? Thanks. is offline   Reply With Quote