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The Triumph Explorer weighs more than the SuperTen, no one's complaining, why? Let's be honest here, adventure touring bikes that see any dirt roads are in the slim minority.. the vast majority of owners buy them as an alternative to sport touring bikes for day all day comfort. So the whole weight thing is moot.. it's 30 lbs separating most of these bikes..

The new GS with all the bells and whistles will surely cost around $20K and then deal with "teething" issues. And if the "teething" issues of the K1600 bikes is anything to go by, there will be issues with the GS.

People who buy the SuperTen buy it because they don't want a BMW. Nothing fancy about it, it has the basics, adds ABS and traction control and no "teething" issues, no software updates, no major failures, no major recalls.

I'm contemplating the purchase of Triumph Explorer but it felt top heavy when I tried it.. I'll have to give it another try..

KTM? I made that mistake once... and seeing engine coolant in my oil, sheared bolts ruining the stator, water pump and clutch slave failures... to say nothing of the 3 hours it would take to change the oil... no thanks.
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