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Originally Posted by TransalperNZ View Post
That button is the 'keep this bit' button for the helmet camera.
The camera (when batterys are good and memory card isn't full) records continuously in a loop deleting video older than 1 minute unless I press the keep me button at which point it keeps the current bit and anything that happened in that minute before. Second button on the remote is stop recording.
Tis why I held my finger above the button and showed Ryan me pushing it right before he gave me the finger (or could have been just a shaking fist) right after he did his backward roll off the bike manoeuvre. You fell in front of me... 'keep this bit'....this is going on YT ! He knew what I was doing. lol.
Ya bastard Yes I knew exactly what you were up too. That was the ADV salute I gave you. I was absolutely stuffed when I fell over. No where near fit enough for that riding that sort of terrain the way I like to at the moment.

I noticed you didn't include the fact that it took you TWO attempts to get up that knarly bit of hill on the Awakino
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