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Originally Posted by neduro View Post
A bunch- I've got one in a crate and also have a 450XCW motor sitting next to it. I'd guess the 690 motor is ~20lbs more, although given I don't have a scale and am guesstimating the weight of the crate, that could be complete malarky.

On the flip side, I believe that weight goes to things that count. A 690 will go, as Jenny said, a very long way with no maintenance at all, where a 450XCW really wants its oil changed often to get decent life from the engine.

Curious about FI vs Carb as well!
Hi Ned - yes, without getting them side by side and on the scales (which we will do in time, just for the number crunchers out there), I reckon you are probably in the ball-park with around 8-10Kgs, which is what we've factored in.

Otherwise though, the total bike itself (that is the rolling chassis and the Evo2 tank & fairing kit) is near as dammit going to be the same as a 450RR, so the weigh penalty is not all that huge.

Regarding the EFi vs Carb debate - when I was chatting to Niles [Follin] at Scuderia last year about the project, he asked a similar question and suggested using carbs as a preference (bloody old-school mechanics!), but John is confident that he has got the EFi dialed-in on the customer 690 rally bikes he builds already, and again, the desire to keep the bike spec as close to stock (not for any reason other than to minimise the variables of changed parts going wrong) means we're planning on running the stock EFi system with a custom map for the 450cc kit.

Obviously there is (or was) a known issue with the 690 fuel pump, but John has various safeguards in place - and if all else fails, fortunately replacing the standard fuel pump (in the rear tank) is not too much a trial with trail tools, if it ever came down to it...

On balance though, there seems to be far more benefits (not least fuel consumption and automatic altitude/temperature adjustment) to retaining the EFi than trying to make to all work with a carb too?

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