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Originally Posted by the schwartz View Post
Dyer Ave median:
i park there most days. much nicer bikes there than mine; i'm not worried about mine getting stolen. there are some bikes there that are pretty clearly parked there 24/7. i still throw a disc lock on and make sure the steering column's locked.
i did get ticketed there once, some douche PEO tagged every bike there for "sidewalk". i fought it by mail and sent in a bunch of photos showing that it's not a sidewalk and never heard back; i think they thew away my letter. still shows as owing $ in the system.

Take off your plate and park anywhere:

i got towed on Broadway (commercial only) with my plate off. effing close to $500 and a half a day getting it out of hock. i'd maybe park somewhere if i could sneak my bike between vehicles, but i'm spooked to park anywhere illegal that a tow can access now if i'm gonna be there for more than 1/2 an hour or so :/
Thanks for the info!
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