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Originally Posted by Kali Trailrider View Post
Spoke to shawn today seems we will move forward working together.

I advised him to go to my supplier and choose his base coat and flake color.
With no pressure from me... Read the labels talk to the reps and ask questions.
He still has an option to do it himself.

But I will be happy to do it if asked.

Here are the steps for anyone that wants to do it.
Anyone should be able to do it in two days allowing for drying time.

Let dry for two days once finished and you can park your cars on it!!

Here are the steps...
Sanding and grinding rough concrete as needed (this is probably the hardest part)
Acid bath to etch concrete - this will allow the epoxy to bond and remove grease and oils
Mask off area to be painted
Primer coat and top coat ( two coats)
Add flakes on wet top coat
Scape off loose flakes and sweep clean
Roll on final clear coat

Buy the good materials... Dont be cheap.
Once you put the cheap stuff on your screwed and it will peel.

After you are done it looks like a million bucks and the money you spent you will be glad you did!!

Thats all folks!!
My garage concrete has a white powder come up thru the concrete during wet weather even though the floor stays dry. The driveways, patios, shop and barn are all about the same level as the garage and have never produced the powder. Can this garage floor be epoxied and what about the powder in subsequent years?

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