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Originally Posted by pfdskipper View Post
Thanks for the reply. I surely do not want to add to the tension that has taken place here in the last couple of pages of posts. I am hoping to get just a bit more reach out of my newest configuration mounted to my 950 Super Enduro. I am currently running a pair of Sanjohs model 60's, a Baja designs squadron in the spot (10degree) version, as well as the Baja Designs onx, also set up in the 10 degree spot. I am quite pleased with all of the lights except that I find a need for a bit more reach on the beams when I am traveling at Super Enduro warp speeds.

I was hoping to see a comparison between the dual optimus and a 10 degree squadron, I believe this comparison will give me a better feel for the actual difference of beam throw.

I have the in-close area covered nicely with the Sanjoe model 60's, which I use as my low beam light. I keep them at 40% of capacity with another vendors dimmer. All the lights come on to 100% with my high beam switch. AS stated, I need just a bit more length of light throw to find my happy spot. I hope to make my next light addition the perfect "icing on the cake.

Is there any chance you could do a comparison with the lights all being in the 10 degree versions, with the same number of lights for each brand used in the comparisons?
My current set-up

Thanks again
Here is a link to a thread on my set-up..
Ya this hasn't been good for anyone.

Thats a nice setup. BD makes great products.
The Long Ranges will shoot out significantly farther, They are designed for Long Range, thats not just a sales term its a description. A quick look at the reflector size/ depth and the knowledge that the LEDs are the same and driven at nearly the same current tells the story.

What I am calling a driving light is the Dirt Bike Squadron headlight That should be the same light that is on your bike The photo is a single light . Other photos are marked as to how many lights where on.

I threw up a quick comp on a request from an ADV Member. Something I wish I had taken more time on. That will teach me. Do it right or don't do it at all...not that I feel it wasn't really right, just not as clean as it should have been.
Hopefully any thoughts of wrong doing have been put to rest
In the future any photos will be done much more carefully with markers and a longer field.
Thats coming fairly soon due to this mess, as is a dissection of a few lights

What matters to me in a light is 1st quality. Are the mounts strong? Is the light going to take a hit and survive?
Is the wiring robust and quality? Will this light burn at full blast and not have a thermal melt down.
Then lastly how well does the light illuminate. I like to ride fast and live in deer country, so I need a set of lights that throw a long beam, I also need fill for the slower trails or roads. A good headlight does most of that. Only the Long Range can obtain the distance I want in a set of Aux you can always aim them down.
I rarely talk to a rider who says I have enough distance.
I guess salesman comes along with owning a business like this, However I'm an enthusiast first and will never over sale or misrepresent our products or a competitors lights to others. Thats one main reason we have been successful in the dirt bike market. Also a reason that most of the big players are willing to work with us.
When Quality matters,Its all about choices.
Cyclops Performance LED Vendors thread
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