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Numb hands - loosen up

Originally Posted by MiguelVR View Post
So if this is the stupid questions thread, here is one: After 20 minutes of riding my F650 twin, especially at higher speeds, my right hand starts to get very numb, dormant, to the point of sensitivity loss. Today at an highway exit, almost missed the breaking point due to the complete lack of feeling in the hand.
Usually moving my fingers does give back some sensitivity to the hand, but then it losses again quickly. I've bought a throttle rocker and it does help, but not completely. This only happens to my right hand, not the left one. I understand that the vibration at higher speeds stresses the problem.
So really the question(s) is, does this happens to you guys also? What should I do to prevent this? Padded glove? Riding slower?
Make sure that you are keeping a loose grip on the throttle, and relax the shoulders and arms. I run a throttle rocker when on the Interstate and often will just wiggle my fingers to keep the blood flowing - while using the pad of my hand on the rocker to maintain speed.

Try rolling the bars to a different position.

I run the ProGrip gel grips on all of my motorcycles.
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