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Originally Posted by valvecrusher View Post
oakland crash

watch JS7's bars as 22 and milz slow up, setting up for turn..
JS7 was expected to have trouble in right hand turns with his brake and putting the foot down..when 22 and Milz squeezed, JS couldn't tap the rears and get out, so he turned into Reed over Suzuki mate Milz..
watch his bars..

karma got JS7 instantly for his 22 fixation, he came out the worst of all

22 threw that Zuk like a boss, 'was trying to smash levers or something with that 'toss action'..
it worked

that was a wild track...technical
best races were the heat races, couple crashes there too

bet no one will bother tuning in 5 days for live 3 hour A3. period. after. this. crap. right?

Ok I hope this was a joke but if not I think somebody is way over thinking what happened..stewart looked over as he was about to get T target fixation. Millsaps had them cleared anyway by the time the SHTF ...Reed lost it tangled with Grant and down they all went
Reed was not trying to to set up for the turn he was trying to survive at that point with Grant caught up in his backside.
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