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Day eleven: 1-26-13
Alright, so I think when I left off We were still in San Jose del Cabo. So day two in San Jose had us pretty much doing our RRs and scouring the internet for some sort of idea on the ferry system, where we were going to stay, and looking ahead a little at where we might be heading. Donít get me wrong it was all while sitting in the sun and drinking cheap beers. We were still on our relaxing vacation in the luxury resort. We cooked diner for everyone that night as a token of our appreciation and bought a liter of decent tequila for desert. Forest caught an eight-foot marlin a few days before we got there so we made some great fish tacos, got really drunk, and went to bed.
Day twelve: 1-27-13
So we found a dirt road that runs along the beach all the way to La Paz. It was pretty awesome in most spots that we went through.

We decided just to follow it up for a while until we got tired and felt like camping. We went up about 40 miles and ran into a town called Cabo Pulmo, which seemed pretty cool. There was a dive shop right in the middle of town so we went in to inquire about camping. First thing you should know is that you can camp pretty much anywhere on the beach in baja. Seriously just throw up a tent. But its always nice to throw up your tent next to an RV with plates from the states. Not only do you get a little added security, but usually get to share some awesome stories with like-minded people. Anyways, After talking to the nicest lady in the world at the dive shop for a few minutes I think she felt bad for us (because we were covered in dust and smelled like hell) and gave us our own little cabin, 80 steps from the beach, for an irresistible price. So we didnít get to far but had an awesome day riding and had a hot shower. Then we finially changed Andys tires that he had been lugging around since Oregon.

We went to the bar, grabbed some nachos, and drank on the balcony overlooking the green-blue ocean.

Day thirteen: 1-28-13

After waking up and talking to Maribel, the nice lady and owner of the Cabo Pulmo dive shop, she told us we could stay another night if we wanted at the same irresistible price. We got some advice from the Canadians we were camping next to back in Mulege (moo-la-hay), about a waterfall in Santiago. So we set off, with NO LUGGAGE!, to check out this falls. Santiago was about 20 minutes away and the falls were about fifteen minutes further down a sandy road. Now, I have zero experience riding in the sand and have learned to hate it very much over the last few weeks. It feels like Iím on my snowmobile with absolutely no control of what my front tire is doing or what direction I am going. The only way to correct it is to throttle, but then youíre just going faster with about the same amount of control. Anyways the falls were pretty cool.

Iím a little spoiled being from Oregon but the fact that it was water falling in the middle of the desert was pretty sweet. The little hike in was pretty cool too.

On the way home another dog chased me and almost got the best of me this time. Andy thought it was hilarious of course. I didnít love dogs much before, but will surely hate them by the end of this trip. Back to the cabin, more beers of course, a cheeseburger for diner believe it or not, then on until tomorrow.
Day fourteen: 1-29-13
Yesterday after we went to the falls we ventured around to this town on the beach about 40 miles north called Los Barilles. We checked out a few campsites and found a pretty awesome one right in the middle of town. So we packed our stuff up, said goodbye and thank you to Maribel, and headed north.

When we got to the campsite I noticed my upper chain slider had completely come apart.

I donít know what the hell to do about it but we are tossing around the idea of a small skateboard wheel. But thatís tomorows problem! For now Iím sitting in a palampa, next to the ocean, drinking some whiskey, watching the kiteboarders, and typing up my ADV report. Tilí next time!
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