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If Bud is doing your heads, I'd let him provide anything head related. The rest is just gaskets and such. As for rings, just check the gaps--if they are well within spec, I wouldn't change them (and you won't have to seat them). If they are outside, or close, then a fresh set would be in order (along with light honing).

My rings were way out, and my pistons are just within tolerance. I decided to let the pistons ride, knowing they will make it at least a year, and go with first over rings, which I will file to get good gaps.

My thinking is that it's so easy to pull the top-end, I don't mind fudging a little. When I'm sending stuff like heads off to have work done, that's different, I'm getting it all done while it's there.

Just my way of thinkin', and the budget has a bunch of other stuff in it this winter too!

(disston replied while I was typing, so . . .)
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