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Originally Posted by AnjinSan View Post
Guys, I am coming back with a technical question.

So, since 2-3 days I hear some strange repetitive noises coming from the chain.

2 days ago I've done a normal adjustment to the chain and the mark lines were at 4 lines. Today (after ~800 kilometers) I've discovered the chain was VERY loose (almost touching the central stand) I've tightned it again and I had to go all the way to only 3 lines to make it OK.

So that's very much in very little kilometers... And after adjustment the "hrsh hrsh" repetitive sound hasn't went away...

The chain is an EK 525, installed in Guatemala, has ~18000 kilometers. It is clean and lubed regularly. Until 2-3 days ago everything seemed OK, no chain noise no nothing. Nothing strange happened and we've used it mostly on-tarmac (other than some offroad in Peru, Bolivia and in Argentina). But no more than 1000 km in total out of those 18 000. So I was relaxed thinking the chain is about mid-life but now... this happened.

We are now in El Calafate so I am a little in doubt what should I do? Any idea about what would cause this and what would be the best course of action? Continue on to Ushuaia or... ?

Thanks for the help.
If you put the motorcycle on center stand and spin the rear wheel by hand - with engine off - perhaps there will be an audible indication where the noise comes from, front or rear sprocket or is it a tight spot in the chain. Also check if the chain slack changes by spinning slowly and continuously checking the chain (may be tight in one place and very loose in another), it may have stretched uneven or have some broken rollers on some links.
Check that especially front sprocket is still tight on axle, and both sprockets are worn even.
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