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Originally Posted by michigan400 View Post
Messed around a little last night and mounted them to the bike so I could see where would be best. Hooked up just 1 to power so I could see them in action. To my eye and the quick pics I took with my cell phone so I could compare,, the M61 looks to have about the same size and brightness of the model 30 beam with just a touch less spill light. Bigger reflector looks to make up difference in raw lumens ( 1500 for model 30 and 900 for model 61). Of course I'm just going by what I saw on the door of my garage and I have not done an outside test to check out total distance.

They mount up good and solid and I like the way they look. Here they are mounted to handguards, hanging down.

Mounted to guards but on top. I attached a model 44 below one of them just for fun and to see what it would look like. A little to clunky for my tastes but I bet the light output would be awesome with a set up like that on each side.
Good looking install, you are spot on with the difference between the M61 spot and the M30 spot. Here's an outside comparo of the 2.


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