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quackers is near harbor fright?,,across the Par King lot?
someone toss a 4 sided coin and call it! Old Pad, Quackers, Overtime, or Good Times, I'll prolly stay home anyway cuz now I am skeered my bike might git stole,, in fact, I am so afraid,, I think I'll sell it so I no longer face the threat!

Once it was clean,,virginal, we were bonding,, it is often a long painful process, one which a person has invested much of their core being in a effort to share, and come together as a team or select unit,,we did reach out to one another on occasion,,I offered a new starter in the motel room,in Idaho,, it was lovingly accepted, and kindness and reliability have been offered in return, a trusted travel partner and shared secret holder,, a confidante,,, but,,my close familial tie now exhibits the tainted vibe of stolen goods,,like putting on wet pants that somebody else has pee'ed in,,,eating half a sammich that you found at the bus stop, or camping in the gravel at a gun range in the desert.
I'd vote for some place that has good looking titty women bringing beer!, my standards are low on purpose,,I know what I like!

or,, we could burn a car in a parking lot and all stand around it to keep warm,, bring your own shoplifted meats and stuff, we'll use the stack of milk crates from behind the store for seating,,name the chain store of preference,, is there a safe way?,,bring lots of bungees,,all you have! We'll make a train with the shopping carts, and play crack the whip!
We can use this stolen tainted ugly smelly barge of unwanted parts as a tug!
"Your God, your rules,,YOU go burn in hell!" LLV

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