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Sorry I haven't posted anything lately, lots of small jobs on the go with the bike. I think I've reached that magical halfway point in any project where things are as far apart as they're going to get and everything starts slowly going back together...

Here are a few of the more interesting points:

I installed the new cush rubbers, the dust cover, and new rear sprocket.

I cleaned up the rear calliper and started putting it back together:

I replaced the frame bearings and installed a grease fitting and cover:

I had a quick look at the carb, glad I did. The jet needle looked about 2/3rds of the way worn through:

I remberd reading about 640 carb wear on here in a few places so I've been going through the threads and downloaded the BST 40 Bible. I cleared my bench and started on the carb, something I was hoping to avoid until next year. I was debating upgrading to an FCR or TM40 pumper, but don't have the budget to do it just yet.

Striping the carb off the bike:

On the bench:

I have had this parts sorting box for years, I used to use it when I built model cars as kid. Never though I'd be using for the real thing...

All of the small carb parts fit nicely in there, I also put a label on the bottom of each container listing all of its contents and where they came from. I also got out my handy o-ring kit and replaced o-rings as I went. There were a couple sizes I didn't have, so I'll pick up some extras later.

Everything was pretty worn, so I'll have to get most of the replaceable parts... I'll post the rebuild and pics comparing the old and new slides and slide guides when everything gets here.

Thats it for now.
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