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It's TIME!

For two years I have put off doing this, so here it goes.....

MidTn@LBL.RIDE - (NOT a hyperlink, just a cool name)

May 3-5 (date changed!! people be huntin' turkey in April!)

This is a work in progress, but it has to start somewhere. The date falls after FerrySTOC. Weather could be a bitch, but at least it won't be hot.

The plan - Ride LBL, moto-camp, engage in general jack-assary

...and so far, that's the whole plan!

Some ideas-

BYOE - Bring Your Own EVERYTHING - I may bring a trailer full crap if it seems necessary, otherwise, I plan on riding in with everything I'll need for the weekend.

Camping - To Be Determined - (Rough it in the Backcountry, or Energy Lake w/ showers, or if it gets big, investigate Rushing Creek or Colson Hollow as a group)

Riding - Between myself, SandalScout, and Treemuncher, we should be able to lay out good routes for all bikes and riders. Hardcore off-road can be found at Turkey Bay, and there is enough pavement there and close by to keep the Road Boys happy. For everyone else, there is 120,000 acres of hills and hollers to explore with all DS and ADV bikes. It is a great place to learn DS and ADV riding since there is plenty of roads a car can safely travel. Then there are more challenging roads for the big ADV bikes. I have ridden there for a long time, and have not hit all the little roads LBL has to offer.

The hiking trails are strictly off limits, but Turkey Bay has enough challenges for anyone.

I've got some cool ideas for a scavenger hunt or poker run type event, but we'll see.

I feel like this has the potential to turn into something big, but also know it could be a lot of work. My intention is to invite anyone that wants to go, but with the understanding everyone is basically on there own. Traveling as a 20-30 person group would be a nightmare, but so could breaking down or getting lost if you are by yourself.

We've got time to work out details.

The floor is open for discussion.....

If it is deemed necessary, I'll start a new thread to get details together.

Let's Ride!
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