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I don't think you'd have much fun with a Quad. You couldn't really ride with any of the groups on bikes. The only group you could ride with at all would be the "Hero" group, but you can't take a quad everywhere they go. Some places they go a quad won't fit, and they do some pavement time, sometimes alot of pavement time. And there are enough LEOs that would love to catch you with a quad on pavement. You'd help them meet their quota. If you just wanted to cruise around the campground, there are a few ATV trails right around the campground and alot of fields to ride in, but you'd not really be riding with anyone from this site. And you WOULD be dragged into being a recovery vehicle! I could have used you on the Fall Colors Tour a couple yrs ago to drag a KLR about a hundred miles. Felt like a hundred miles behind a madman on a DRZ. You could still bring the quad, or not, and party?

If there is enough water in the Mulberry river, which there usually is in May, you can rent a canoe and float. It's one of the best floats in the south I think. It's not extremely difficult but the rapids are so close together you don't have to paddle much unless the water is really low. It's a good float trip that's not really dangerous if you're careful.

On your Harley there would be some guys doing pavement and big dirt roads you could ride with. Heck, if it s a sportster, put on some half-knobbies and pretend it's a scrambler! You'd be surprised where you can take a sportster off road. If it's a bagger, put on some barkbusters anyway. You'd have the only one. If you have a real off road capable 4x4 Byrds campground and surrounding area is a mecca for that. There is terrain from level 1-past level 5 which is tube buggy, 4 wheel steering, 1 ton axle. They have 4x4 competitions there. You might still be used for recovery though. Which come to think of it, you'd be a hero and be the most popular guy in camp.
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