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Holy Smokes!

Never in the time I've spent reading CL did I think I'd find an old bike I used to own, but here it is..

Listed as a "1973 Yamaha 49 cc"

In reality a 1960-61 Yamaha MF-1. I sold this bike in hardship back in 1996 for less than 100 dollars to the local Yamaha dealer that I've known for years, and was told he was going to personally 'restore it further'.

Some history about this little beast. Got it for cleaning out a friend's house and garage in Springfield, and I slowly put back together over a few years time. Nice, ( for my abilities..), rattle can paint job and a recovered seat. The engine was like new. I basically just rode it for fun, it was never really fast but was pretty cool.

Kinda feel lied to and I'm pretty depressed about it's condition, what happened to the front wheel? Where's the chain case? What freakin' restoration? This bike was complete and ran well with 12 volt electrics and electric start. Looks like it's seen 10 years of hard coastal exposure.
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