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Originally Posted by Rob Farmer View Post
Bike!! What Bike?

I won't ask how you found that link

It's a IFA (MZ) BK 350 - 2 Stroke from the early 1950's The IFA badge shows it's a very early one 1952-3 they were later badged as MZ

Google tranlation of the German Wikipedia page

The BK 350 (short for "Boxer Kardan" and 350 cc displacement ) is a motorcycle model of VEB motorcycle Zschopau (MZ), which was produced from 1952 to 1959 - initially under the name " IFA BK 350 ". The public was the first time at the BK 350 Leipzig Spring Fair presents 1951 as "DKW two-cylinder engine". [1] The series launch was delayed until end of 1952. Because of its special design, the BK 350 was expected with great interest internationally.
The BK 350 was the first new construction of the former DKW -plant after the war and was initially under the name of the state is now DDR -Vehicle Association IFA off the line. Although it is sometimes said that the engine was not starting unit for jet engines . It is true that in Zschopauer DKW plant a 250 cc big boxer engine has been designed for this task. The end of the Second World War , however, prevented the production. The BK-engine based on this development, the displacement was increased to 100 cc, in addition to the almost simultaneously developed 250 cc great AWO not a second motorcycle have the same displacement.
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