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WNWT Day 20

Saturday morning in Tucson, AZ. Raining since the middle of the night with periods of hard rain. At least some of the mud is getting washed off the Triumph. The heat wrap worked great and my back actually felt better in the morning than it did before going to sleep.

Speaking of sleeping. I've been sleeping great on this trip even though I'm generally in a different place and a different bed every night. Full days of wandering make you tired I guess. I'm also not much of a morning person but I've been waking up at 7-ish (now 6-ish with the time changes) and feeling good-to-go. I've had a few moments when I wake up and have completely forgotten where I am... that makes your mind race for a bit. Which way to the bathroom???

There was a Denny's in front of the place I was staying so thought I'd run up and get a late breakfast, early lunch... "brunch" if you will. As I walked over, I noticed a Yamaha Super T in the lot on the other side of the motel. As I was getting seating, I notice a tall, older gentleman with a Wolfman luggage ball cap on. After I ordered my Pancake Scramble breafast meal, I went over and asked if the Super T was his. Of course it was. He was from Idaho, had trailered to southern Utah, and had been Avoiding Winter mostly in the southeast... which of course had been very wet the last couple of weeks. "Been pretty dry in Texas and New Mex" I sez. Cuz I like rubbing stuff like that in. He was now wandering around Nevada and Arizona waiting for weather to clear for him to get back north to where he left his truck and trailer. I got the gist that his wander hadn't been as nice as mine. Good chat though.

When my Pancake Scramble (pancakes, eggs, bacon substituted for the sausage) came, it looked like this:

Umm, these aren't pancakes... I quickly deduced that the gal that took my order was in training and the caca was about to hit la ventilador because this might not have been her first screw up. I'm a nice guy and said it was fine... and actually, the French Toast was very good so everything really was fine. I bet that gal apologized 20 times. I did get a free milk refill out of it.

Breakfast conquered, I did a check of the weather. Raining harder than ever but radar looked promising. Got a late checkout for 1:00pm and decided I'd head out then.

Cleaning lady was coming by as I packed up the bike and looked puzzled... then she said, "I ain't never seen a Triumph like that. I thought they all had them high handlebars, at least that's how I remember them".

I decided not to get into the vagaries of describing exactly what an "adventure bike" is...

My late departure worked out good. Roads were just barely still wet. Temps were ok in the 60's. I jumped on 1-10 an headed west. Jeff and I had originally discussed that I should take 86/85 from Tucson to Gila Bend to stay off the interstate and maybe see some prettier country. Well, I was getting a late start and wanted to get to Yuma before dark and was actually a bit concerned about all the water crossings that tend to be on the two lane roads and the amount of rain that had been falling so decided to just buzz down the I-10.

Ended up being a good choice. Light traffic. And I saw heavy water running across the frontage roads. A few areas of the desert looked like shallow lakes with the water sitting. Ran through some spots of heavy mist, some fog, some light rain, but nothing dreadful. Just dreary.

I stopped for gas, not sure where, but they had a large area of outdoor ornaments... how many sleeping mexicans can you find in this pic?

And I think if you buy the monkey in the straw hat you end up on a list maintained by the government someplace. You've been warned.

As strongly as I was tempted by the multitude of sleeping mexicans, but with limited luggage capacity I pressed on, my ultimate goal in mind:

Rolled into Yuma after 252 miles and found a place to stay. Much to the dismay of buls4ever, I went and washed off the bike. Yeah, washing the bike off removed the adventure street cred, but I've got an appointment with Rocket Motorcycles in San Diego to get an oil change and new rear tire and I just wasn't going to make them work on a muddy bike.

One more short day's ride and I'd make it to San Diego...
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