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kwackers tomorrow,,jew jean meat ups,,no meat acceptable, vegan psychedelic tie dyed organic sjit funnel ,,If Greg don't swhow up pretty soon,,(the limp wristed , used to play ,,had a grip on the flow,,started a thread about,,),, I will not be responsible to what happens to his frend LinkMeeMee
enema, epilctric electric,,disconnect,,buzz, whirr, click,,
enigmatic is not the same as a hose up yer asshole,,,your concept of flow may include cats,,mine does not!
Starlings really suck! and yet, they run rampant and unchecked,,fail!
the earth is doomed,,arcosanti is domed,,or some shjit!
what difference does it make?
"Your God, your rules,,YOU go burn in hell!" LLV

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