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My last motocross helmet was a nice Bell Moto 3. Unfortunately, the foam in the liner disintegrated over time. Thinking my mxing days were behind me, I threw the darn thing out sometime in the late '80's!

That was a great looking helmet and the one I buy today if I still could.

Most of the new helmets dont appeal to me because of the crazy graphics and odd color schemes. So instead of buying a new one, I picked up nearly new Bell Moto 5 that I have been using for the last 2 years. But even though it was in good shape, it is an old helmet and past its prime I am sure.

Then I found this reasonably priced ($107) HTC helmet with both DOT and SNELL 2010 approvals. I believe either AHRMA or AMA will require snell 2010 this year. I am not sure if they actually check this at the races but didnt want to have any problems.

The HTC iscomfortable and a good fit. The best part is that it is plain white. I was not wild about the visor so decided to mount a traditional Paulson Moto Peak visor in blue. The goal was improved safety with old school looks.

The Moto Peak visor is not a direct replacement. New snaps are required to make it all work. Here are the steps

Helmet with new fangled Gen Y visor,

Old school moto peak like I last used 30 years ago,

Note there are 3 - 6mm screw holes in the hjc helmet to hold the factory HJC visor but no provision for a standard type visor.

Therefore it is necessary to mount five snaps to the helmet. I found the snaps to be available from the Motorcycle Superstore (3 snaps per package).

The snaps come with screws to mount to the helmet. I placed the visor up to the helmet and marked the desired snap location with a pencil. Then I drilled a hole for the snap screw.

Four of the five screws are mounted in this way. However, the center snap had to screw into the snap location as the original 6mm scew.

The work around was to cut a short section of 6mm screw to use as a stud to fill the original 6mm hole. A small hole was drilled into this trimmed 6mm stud for the new visor snap screw. The trimmed 6mm stud was screwed into the helmet and then the snap was then screwed onto the stud.

I actually did the center snap first as I wanted to make sure it would work before drilling holes in my new helmet :-)

The next photo shows the helmet with all five snaps.

The visor is vertically slotted at the center snap and so accomodated the offset center snap position as dictated by the original 6mm hole while allowing me to have the visor angle I wanted.

Anyway, it all went pretty smoothly and gives me a new helmet that looks a little closer to something from 1980.

This photo show a comparison of the HJC, a Bell Moto 3 and a Bell Moto 5. And yes, I do have Bell stickers to go on the HJC

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