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For those that did a 2-1 what pipe did you use? I've been trying to find something compatible with the 950, but most of the single pipes sold are dirt bike sized, and won't flow enough exhaust.
Alternately, is there a reason a slip-on for a liter bike wouldn't work? If an engine is just a big air pump, and given that the 950 is similar in displacement to a liter bike, any reason not to go that route? Ignore the mid-pipe and mount differences- shouldn't be too hard to have a mid-pipe made to fit, and use an exhaust hanger strap to get the placement right.
A quick search on-line shows a Ti Yoshi pipe for a CBR 1000 for $450. Not bad, and a fair bit less expensive than the Remus/Akra/Wings option.
FWIW, I'm currently running a 2-1 with an FMF Powercore, but I think the pipe's too restrictive. I had the carb jetted, but the mileage is pretty bad: 25 mpg. Based on what I've read here, I should be able to get closer to 35 with a 2-1 and well-tuned carb. Just need to find the right pipe/jet combination. What's your secret?
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