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Originally Posted by GHbuck View Post
Thanks for the replies. I am using the Walmart Wilkinson's, so maybe that's the problem. I've watched the Mantic videos, and am giving it three (light) passes. From my research beforehand, the razor I bought (regular Super Speed) is supposed to be middle-of-road in aggressiveness - the "Red Tip" being the most aggressive, and the "Blue Tip" the least (typically used by women). I've been using the AOS products for a few years now, and like them. I'll order up a sampler pack of blades and give it some more time.
I thought the lady Gillette was used by women? Which is actually a decent shaver. The only other issue that sometimes arises with older razors is that the original coating can get worn down and the underlying metal can cause skin reactions. If your razor is in good shape I wouldn't worry about that though.

PM me your address, I'll mail you a few different blades to try, people have done it for me on other forums, the least I can do for an inmate.
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