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I was having issues getting someone to sell me a pipe. They all quoted some new law that could take their license if I put the pipe on a street bike in CA. Finally, I called Leo Vince and talked to a real nice lady there, that said she'd sell me a pipe, and they happened to be having a clearance sale, and they also had a set of test mule pipes with dyno time on them, but no street miles. For $180. I told her I'd call back in 2 days, which I did. Well, she didn't work there any more. But someone else went to look for the pipes, but couldn't find them. So he sold me a set of new ones for $180. I almost came. Perfect fit. Fairly easy install. No leaks. They are straight (I've heard of people having stuff sitting a little crooked after the install). And it's real fuckin' loud. There was only 1 decibel killier in the set of mufflers, so I removed it in the interest of being the same on both sides. Yeah, that's it.

Leo Vince people told me that the dealers were overreacting to the new law, that it affected only 2013 bikes and any built after that.

Very cool people to work with and talk to.
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